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     Our Family Farm

Sommerfeldt Farms has been a family owned business in Benton Harbor, Michigan, since 1954. Robert Sommerfeldt purchased an old peach orchard and turned it into land for new crops. This was the beginning of many great years to come. Sommerfeldt Farms have made a name for themselves as being honest, hard working and fair. We pride ourselves on offering great produce at great local prices. 

Our Vision

As we move into a new generation of farming, our vision is to continue serving our community with fresh and affordable produce. We also hope to educate ourselves about new methods for sustainability in order to provide more with less!!


   The farm to table movement is booming I!! Everyone wants to eat healthy and we love it!! We hope to help our customers realize a healthy lifestyle and perhaps even how to do some gardening of their own!!

       Our Products

We offer a wide variety of in season fruits and vegetables. We also have local honey, jams and fresh baked breads on the weekends.


We are well known throughout the county for "Bob's Super Sweet Corn" a variety of bi-color corn so sweet it keeps everyone coming back!!

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